Brand Design, Concept Design, Editorial Design, Fine Art, Typography

Meet In Art

MIA – Meet In Art is an art gallery and community space created with the goal to promote engaging conversations on the role of art in our society, support young talents and show ground-breaking work.


This set of brochures have been created to highlight their philosophy and projects, and designed to be flexible and easily updated.


As a brand and editorial designer, I worked with them for 8 years to bring to life their vision through carefully designed art catalogs and materials. I also took on the role of project manager in creating the whole visual communication of international exhibitions and events, coordinating photography, design, production and printing.


Some of the projects for which I created the whole branding experience are:

  • Ponti di Roma (2004)
  • Dalla Terra (2206)
  • Di Luci e D’Ombre (2007)
  • Echte Bluten (2007)
  • CPA (2007)
  • Baltico/Mediterraneo (2007)
  • Le Curve Della Mente (2007)
  • Figli dell’Africa (2008)
  • Alviti/Vertigo (2009)