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Aflatoun International is an NGO based in the Netherlands offering social and financial education to children and young people worldwide. Our years-long collaboration started with the creation of the manual for Aflatot, their Early Childhood Education Program.

“The education for sustainable development cannot start early enough – It is our aim that all 3 to 6 year olds have access to early childhood education, especially the most vulnerable girls and boys. Integrating Aflatot into national curricula will empower children at a very young age” – Roeland Monasch, CEO Aflatoun International.

The challenge of this project was to create a manual that could serve both the teacher and the students: as it was not financially sustainable to print a copy for every kid, the only copy available to the teacher should also show the illustrations to the children to engage their attention.

For this project I created the custom folder for the material, designed to transform into a standing book and show the illustrations to the kids on one side, and the text to the teacher on the other side. I researched printing options and suppliers and coordinated the printing and delivery process.

I developed more than 50 illustrations for the book, with special attention to the depiction of diversity, and the use of colors and design style that would appeal to a younger audience. I also coordinated and designed the editions in 5 languages.

My collaboration with Aflatoun continued with the development of more than 20 manuals in different languages, annual reports and other communication materials.