We have been working with Eleonora on multiple creative projects, and every time she creates gorgeous works that are exactly what we needed. Works that we still use and shows our character visually. She has both a keen inner artist in her, but can also think and create towards the pragmatic needs of her clients. I would absolutely recommend working with her, if you want something done really well.

Tjerk Feitsma – Director of the Neurodiversity Foundation, owner of 2Tango B.V, builder of 2Tango.Signs, CEO of Terra Futura Foundation

It’s allways a joy to work with Eleonora. The creativity and fun she brings to the table is contagious. She knows how to turn a team development objective into an inspiring session, creating nice engagement materials to warm up the invitees. Also the process of preparing it was fast and nice experience in itself. Eleonora has the gift of making people feel connected to their creativity and unleashing the creative energy in the group.

Geesje Falke – Program management Digital Innovation at Philips University

Eleonora is an amazing professional, who brings all of the skills and expertise in visual communication.

Eleonora’s mastery for both her core task and the projects that extend beyond it have been critical to the success of the curriculum materials production. Her taking on a high volume of deliverables aligned with the tight deadline collaboratively truly an incredible asset.

This rare mix of creativity and productivity contributes to high-quality curriculum materials in multiple languages.

While Eleonora’s work has continued to empower children’s social and financial education through Aflatoun International, I recommend her to other institutions who may want to hire her most treasured creativity and design skills. 

Chandra Rinie Pudjiatie – Grants Management System Manager at IKEA Foundation

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Eleonora on multiple projects.

With her eye for detail, creativity and professionalism, we were able to deliver stellar products and services for Co.LAB including our Kickstarter backed book – The 90 Day Action Planner.

We also were able to deliver on a highly engaging and superbly designed magazine for Neurodiversity Foundation.

Working with Eleonora is like working with a trusted companion. She is someone who over delivers and can guarantee designs that are on point with the brand. If you are looking for a designer that can bring out the best in your ideas, then Eleonora is the right person for the job!

Lana Jelenjev – Community Alchemist, Learning Experience Designer, Self-fullness Advocate, Speaker

Wonderfully creative, responsive, eye for detail and just a magic pen/pencil, drawing anything you can think of.

I would recommend Eleonora to anyone who needs illustrations or creative design work.

Millions of children around the world will see her drawings and use her handouts and books she designed for Aflatoun. They will surely do so with pleasure!

Iwanna Swart – Grant Manager at Porticus

Eleonora and I worked together when she set up Co.LAB and the sessions were always incredibly organised.

She was always open and articulate and encouraging.

Eleonora is extremely talented and l love how she shares her creativity with others.

Joyce Bergsma – Project Manager at JnH Bookkeping